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  Concealed Carry Classes - Certifications: Oregon $35, Utah $35, Arizona $35 & Florida $35

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Training Facilities

1905 Oregon Ave.

Klamath Falls, Or. 97601

Note:  We only do Live Classroom Instruction.

(Face to Face) We do not do Online Internet Courses!

Oregon & Utah NO SHOOTING, NO TEST. 

Don't be a JOKER get our 

Official Completion Certificate.

Be Armed Be Safe. #1 in Carry Certifications. We certify Oregon, Utah, Arizona & Florida! 1 WEEKLY CLASS, EVERY SATURDAY.Walk-ins welcome! No pre-registration, pay at the door. Official Completion Certificates issued at end of each class. Oregon & Utah students, No Shooting, No Test.  Florida & Arizona students,proficiency in firearm discharge & safety handle included. Oregon $35, Utah $35, Arizona $35 & Florida $35, get all four $135, get certified now. Attend class get Oregon, Utah, Arizona & Florida Certifications! No Hassle, Low Cost, Same Day.​ Course is for law-abiding adult citizens, currently meets competency - proficiency training requirements for right to carry applicants. Please allow extra time for Multiple Certifications.

Firearm - Instruction - Responsibility - Safety Training. The goal of this course is to provide students - shooters with an introduction to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to own and use a handgun safety. Handgun Safety is a component of the course. Leave firearms at home. No live ammunition allowed in classroom. Our training also meets conceal carry training - law for Colorado - Iowa - Virginia.

18 YEAR OLD, NOW CAN GET A UTAH PERMIT. (Good in 20+/- States including Nevada.)

Need a Permit to Carry in NEVADA? NO PROBLEM!

Utah, Florida & Arizona Permits Good in Nevada.

Get an Official Completion Certificate!












                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         OREGON $35 - UTAH $35 - ARIZONA $35 - FLORIDA $35

​Get all 4 State Certifications $135 (discounted)

Get certified now & OTHER MULTI-CARRY STATES!


10am - 1pm (Allow extra time for multiple certifications)

Get certified now! 


​​​Class Location:

1905 Oregon Ave.

Klamath Falls, Or. 97601

Contact: Carl Pfeiffer

Voice: 541-884-2828 

Text: 541-884-2828   E-mail: capfeiffer@ymail.com

Web: www.ConcealCarryGunClass.com

Next Class:  

July 20, 2024

Saturday, 10am -1pm

Walk-Ins Welcome.

​Most all Carry Permits,


Official Completion Certificates

issued at end of each class.

We have .22 Long Rifle Ammo.​​​​

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Concealed Carry Cla​sses:  Oregon - Utah - Arizona - Florida

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